Our Story


Dokusho Bookstore is an exciting enterprise established in Malaysia (2017) that specialises in second hand books.  

We believe that books should be available to all, regardless of one’s background or creed.

In our endeavour to bring the joy of reading to our customers, we at Dokusho Bookstore are proud to accept this challenge head on.

We aim to provide our customers an enriching reading experience at an affordable price while remaining profitable. We are continuously finding ways to reduce the cost to our customers to read a book.

It is our hope that we are able to reach out to all readers throughout the world, while sharing the joy of reading one.



Dokusho Bookstore promises our customers that we will work endlessly to maintain the high standards we set ourselves. The promotion of readership across the age spectrum and the expression of originality and creativity will be our guide to our dynamic business model and decision making process.