Teach for Malaysia (TFM)


We are very excited to announce the partnership between “Dokusho Bookstore” and “Teach for Malaysia”.

We at Dokusho Bookstore aim to nurture literacy and encouraging the love of reading in our young generation. Besides founding the Children’s Book Bank located at our physical bookstore, we have started our “Teach a Child, Seed a Nation” programme.

To kick off our programme, we will be working with Teach for Malaysia which is comprised of a group of highly motivated people who believe that all children in Malaysia deserve the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Dokusho Bookstore will be contributing 7.9% of our monthly physical store revenue to Teach for Malaysia.

Besides that, we will be dedicating a space to them in our physical store and future bazaar events to give them a platform to raise awareness of their organisation and cause.
Teach for Malaysia, a non-governmental organisation, is an education movement to empower all children to be leaders of their own learning, their future, and the future of our nation.
Founded in 2010, Teach For Malaysia is a proud member of the Global Education Network, Teach For All, a collective of education organisations in over 50 countries worldwide.
Teach for Malaysia runs a Leadership Development Programme known as the “Fellowship” which is designed to give aspiring changemakers the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of the education system. By being placed in a high-need school as a full-time salaried teacher, they will experience first-hand the challenges in education at the grassroots level.

Visit https://teachformalaysia.org/ for more information.
You can also donate directly to TFM at teachformalaysia.org/donate.

As part of our “Teach a Child, Seed a Nation” programme, we will be releasing in stages a set of primary level mathematical exercises. In Excel format, answers inputted will be shown either a green tick (correct answers) or a red cross (wrong answer).

The practice material documents will be free to be downloaded and shared.